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"A U-shaped kitchen layout is based on a proper understanding of individual facilities, passageways, and labor aisles to accommodate all the equipment, foodstuffs, and actions expected in each region."

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Kitchen Design Ideas Perfect for Small Spaces

Every homeowner dreams of having a spacious kitchen with sky-0high ceilings and plenty of natural light pouring through massive windows. However, in reality, most of us end up with small, oddly shaped ones. But you do not have to feel bad about having a small kitchen space. You may have a small kitchen, but there are still heaps of things you can do with your space with the right solutions and designs.

Our professional designers have created kitchen designs perfect for small kitchens. If you want to have a spacious and functional kitchen, you may consider these small kitchen ideas.

  • Organize Strategically
    If you want to add more shelves for storage, arrange your kitchen items, such as bowls, mugs, and dishes by color so that everything feels cohesive and your space will not look cluttered. You may also install a rod on the side of your kitchen island to hang your cooking tools.

  • Get Rid of Bulky Hardware
    It would be best to get rid of bulky hardware on your drawers and cabinets to help your space look more sleek and streamlined. Also, consider going monochrome for your kitchen space to make it feel like a jewel box.

  • Opt for Backless Stools
    For a more spacious and convenient kitchen, opt for backless stools that can slip under the counter. This will help you save more space in your kitchen. Select a color that will match or blend in with your kitchen island to unify the room.

  • Add a Shelf Above the Stove
    You can add more storage in your small kitchen space by adding extra shelves in areas where they can be most functional, like above the stove. This way, you do not have to spend much money or occupy valuable floor space.

  • Lessen Your Kitchen Ware
    Do you really need so many extra bowls or other kitchenware? Pare down your kitchen items to the bare minimum to have more space for more valuable items. Having so many kitchen items can take up a lot of your storage, making your space cluttered, and by reducing your supplies in your kitchen, you will be surprised how much space you actually have.


  • Add a Rug
    To warm up your tiny kitchen space without making it smaller, add a rug that matches your kitchen style. This will add color and pattern without overwhelming your kitchen.

  • Install A Mirror
    Mirrors can do a lot of tricks in your kitchen. By adding a mirror to your wall, you can open up your space and add more light, making your kitchen look spacious.

  • Build a Hidden Prep Station
    There are several practical kitchen ideas you can use that will not take much space from your kitchen. One example is a hidden prep station; this idea is perfect if you are short on counter space. You may build a butcher block board into the top drawer; this way, you can make use of your drawer and add more working space in your kitchen.

    These kitchen design ideas are only some ideas you can get when you consult with our professional kitchen designers. Contact our team now and create a unique kitchen design perfect for your small space and lifestyle.

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Address: 550 Nebraska Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101, USA

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